Monday, September 14, 2020

Team Helmet Order - Due 10/9

Please review the details below. The team order/price is only offered at this time of the year. There will not be a winter or spring order. All players will be required to have a matching shell when the spring season starts.

The cascade S is a high quality helmet at a great discount on price.

- Cost for Cascade S is $180 (retails $290)
- Payment can be made by cash or check to Boosters
Orders are due 10/9
- Delivery should be before holidays
- This is the same design we ordered in 2020.
- All players must have a matching green shell to participate in games this spring
- Prior to the spring season any helmet is fine (winter league)
- If you have any questions on the current condition/quality of your helmet or if it is able to be worn this spring let me know
- If you have had the same helmet for 3 or more seasons it may be time to consider a replacement
- Any helmets with missing screws, rust, cracks/dents, or any other wear and tear that makes them unsafe should be replaced.